Bioontologies 0.2.6-dev Documentation

🍪 Cookiecutter

This package was created with the cookiecutter package using cookiecutter-snekpack template. It comes with the following:

  • Standard src/ layout

  • Declarative setup with setup.cfg and pyproject.toml

  • Reproducible tests with pytest and tox

  • A command line interface with click

  • A vanity CLI via python entrypoints

  • Version management with bumpversion

  • Documentation build with sphinx

  • Testing of code quality with flake8 in tox

  • Testing of documentation coverage with docstr-coverage in tox

  • Testing of documentation format and build in tox

  • Testing of package metadata completeness with pyroma in tox

  • Testing of MANIFEST correctness with check-manifest in tox

  • Testing of optional static typing with mypy in tox

  • A py.typed file so other packages can use your type hints

  • Automated running of tests on each push with GitHub Actions

  • Configuration for ReadTheDocs

  • A good base .gitignore generated from

  • A pre-formatted README with badges

  • A pre-formatted LICENSE file with the MIT License (you can change this to whatever you want, though)

  • A pre-formatted CONTRIBUTING guide

  • Automatic tool for releasing to PyPI with tox -e finish

  • A copy of the Contributor Covenant as a basic code of conduct

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